Angelic Hands Spiritual Art

Pleasing to the eye, soothing to the Soul

Many people enjoy owning a unique piece of spiritual art and use them for meditation as well as an attractive, calming piece of art.  I tune into the recipients Higher Self/Guardian Angel/Spirit Guide and channel images which usually come through with a message that is unique to the recipient, which I will pass on.  I paint with acrylic paint on canvas and infuse the painting with Reiki healing as I work with the aim that the painting is soothing to the soul as well as pleasing to the eye.  Each energy I connect with is different, resulting in different style/effect/colours, some show up as symbolic images, shapes and patterns and some have a more 'traditional' angelic look.    

Commission Prices

Small (approx A4) canvass £44 + P&P

Large (approx A3) canvass £77 + P&P

Please                             for more details or to place a commission.  Please note that paintings will need to be paid for on placing the commission (via Paypal or bank transfer) and will usually be completed within three weeks. Paintings can be collected (address given on receipt of payment) or postage and packaging is charged at cost.